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Barebones Computer

Whether you are an individual looking for a personal computer, or a business that wants to install a new network or replace the hardware in an existing one, you may be thinking of trying to save some money by buying barebone computers and doing most of the building yourself.

Before buying barebone computers, you need to do some homework. Failure to do proper research will mean having to fork out more money than you would have paid buying a fully built machine.  You may be looking for a desktop computer if it is to be used in an office. If you want a mobile device, you can choose between laptops, notebooks and tablets, although these are much harder to assemble.

The typical barebone computers come with a case, motherboard, power supply, and fan, and the buyer will separately order other devices according to need. Here are some of the additional components you will have to source depending on what comes with barebone computers.

1. CPU: The choice of CPU will depend on what the machine is to be used for.

2. RAM: The more RAM you have, the faster the computer will run.

3. Screen: Intense graphics usage would justify expenditure on a large, high-resolution screen.

4. Graphics card: As with the screen, if you will be doing lots of graphic work, you will want a powerful graphics card.

5. Hard Disk: Your primary storage device. Modern devices have huge capacity, but you should still calculate how much storage space you need.

6. Sound card: The motherboard may have a built-in sound card, and that might be sufficient for your particular needs. If you want high quality sound, you will need to install your own sound card.

When calculating the cost of building your own computer, remember to factor in your labor time, and shipping costs from possibly multiple suppliers. Also bear in mind that if you cannot get your finished computer working, you will not have a supplier to call on for help.

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