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Here is a list of the basic computer hardware to guide you in choosing the kind of personal computer that will best suit your needs:

  • Random Access Memory or RAM - this allows your computer to read data faster, thus a higher ram accelerates the speed of your computer system the capacity of which is measured in gigabytes. A 2 gigabyte ram or 2GB can already provide a good speed for your computer system.

  • Hard Disk Drive - this is the hardware that stores the primary information and data. So even if you do basic tasks only, you will still be collecting an assortment of data that you would want to keep and logically, your stored files will continue to increase through time. Choose a hard disk that has at least 160 GB to ensure a large capacity for storage. External hard drives are also available should you need more space for storage of large files including your back-up files. You can ask your computer store about this when buying computer components.

  • Central Processing Unit - also called the microprocessor is the brain or your computer where the functions of a program are executed. The CPU triggers your operating system that boots your computer. Most microprocessors are manufactured by Intel and AMD, but Intel continues to be the more popular choice. When buying computer components such as your CPU, you look at the clock speed, the cache memory and the bus speeds. These factors determine respectively how fast your computer will run, how much data can be stored, and the speed your CPU executes in transferring data to and from the other components. For basic computer tasks, an Intel Dual Core is usually recommended.

  • Mother Board- this is where most of the major components of your computer are embedded such as the microprocessor, memory cards, video card, power supply, drive connectors and other computer components. The type of mother board is essential when buying computer components because you need to choose one that will allow you to upgrade the peripherals installed on it.

  • Video/Graphic Cards - this computer hardware is very important for gaming and for video and graphic uses because it is the component that processes image data that comes out on your monitor. You can choose from the less expensive 2D graphic images or you can go for the latest output of 3D images. A highly recommended graphic card is the nVidia 1GB graphic card with an Asus motherboard and a hard disk capacity of 500GB which you can specify when buying computer components.

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